Venkatagiri is a town, Municipality and mandal located in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India. Venkatagiri's older name is "Kali Mili".It is Well-known for its Handloom Cotton Sarees. It was part of a small kingdom that was included into the Indian Republic. Venkatagiri is well allied by Road and Rail Transport. Famous pilgrimage places like Kalahasti, Kanipakam and Tirupati are with in a short distance and can be easily reached by Railways and Roadways. It is also notably close to Chennai, Major Port city of India .

Venkatagiri trekking trail is still in wraps and untouched, not yet a regular aim for the trekkers. You need to trek up hill to reach the Venkatagiri Peak. Venkatagiri Hills trek is close to the Tirupati. The hills are almost similar to Tirmula hills.

Palem Kota is the base. There is a fort like structure atop which is believed to be built by robbers for keeping their stolen money and gold. On the summit, there is also a small temple structure perched on cliff. The summit gives you a spectacular view of the surrounding. The trekking path is roofed with small to medium sized stones, and you pass through thick thorny bushes, beautiful mountains, steep Rocky Mountains
Venkatagiri Railway Station Phone Number: 086252

and waterfalls as well.
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